Pandora Launches Facebook Application

Pandora ScreenshotThe immensely popular online radio site, Pandora, has just launched their Facebook application. The application allows you to link your existing Pandora account or simply login without your account. Pandora is known because it learns what music you like and creates custom radio stations that are tailored to your listening habits. Pandora also successfully leveraged Facebook’s social features by displaying a list of your friends’ most recent songs. You can also listen in on their custom radio station. This is a great move by Pandora to take advantage of the new Facebook platform. I personally give this application 5 stars. The Pandora application also displays a list of your custom radio stations that you have saved and lets visitors listen to those stations by clicking on the link. If you want your own free custom radio stations, check out the Pandora application. I should add that this is awesome timing for Pandora to release their application with yesterday’s removal of the Audio application. Congratulations to the Pandora team!