PandoDaily Acquires NSFWCORP

This morning, PandoDaily’s Sarah Lacy writes that one out of three can sometimes in fact be very good.

In her item about PandoDaily’s agreement to acquire Paul Carr’s NSFWCORP, she notes that there are still two other ideal partnerships on her radar and that this one is very safe one for NSFW:

We aren’t just getting Paul. I’m equally thrilled to announce that we’re also adding Mark Ames, Brad Jonas, Yasha Levine and David Sirota as full-time staffers. NSFWCORP contributors like John Dolan and Dayvid Figler will be making regular appearances too, and Katherine Dolan will continue to work her copy editing magic behind the scenes.

The deal comes on the heals of a recent chronicling on PandoDaily of Carr’s journalism crowd-funding efforts. Looks like he just accelerated that initiative and we are personally thrilled that NSFWCORP will live on. It was and remains a great addition to the Internet longform journalism game.

At his end, New York-based Guardian reporter Dominic Rushe suggests the move is “likely to be met with applause and snickers in the incestuous world of tech hackery.” There could also be snickers of a more nervous variety from other content companies struggling to make a go of it. Read the rest of Lacy’s announcement here.

Update (1:00 p.m.):
In his post today about the big move, Carr reminds NSFWCORP readers of the very close connection he shares with Lacy:

Sarah and I have been writing partners and close friends for years. As I explained in my last book, Sarah was one of the two people who was most influential in my decision (and ability) to quit drinking – it was also Sarah who convinced Michael Arrington to hire me at TechCrunch after I was laid off from the Guardian and so, in many ways, it’s entirely Sarah’s fault that I ended up launching NSFWCORP years later. Frankly, acquiring us is the least she could do.