The Most Pampered City in America (According to Groupon)

In order to promote its Beauty Week, Groupon, released a list of most pampered cities in America according to coupon usage.

In order to promote its Beauty Week, group discount club and coupon startup Groupon, released a list of most pampered cities in America according to coupon usage. The rankings are based on how much each cities have spent on Groupon deals for pampering – haircuts and coloring, nails, facials, teeth whitening and tanning.


The top honor goes to Green Bay, Wisconsin, where residents are purchasing more facials (#1), spending more on hair (#2), and getting their nails manicured (#16). Groupon also ranked other cities according to various coupon categories. those in Baton Rouge Louisiana are getting their teeth whitened while San Francisco Residents are really into juice cleanses.

Top ten “Most Pampered Cities in America” are:

  1. Green Bay, Wisconsin
  2. White Plains, New York
  3. Cleveland, Ohio
  4. Austin, Texas
  5. Santa Barbara, California
  6. Stamford, Connecticut
  7. Charlotte, North Carolina
  8. Mobile, Alabama
  9. Bergen, New Jersey
  10. Omaha, Nebraska

The following cities ranked No. 1 in these respective categories:

  • Baton Rouge, Louisiana — Teeth Whitening
  • Charleston, South Carolina — B12 Injections
  • Columbus, Georgia — Colon Hydrotherapy
  • Dallas, Texas — Steam Bath
  • Daytona Beach, Florida — Spider-Vein Removal
  • Denver, Colorado — Weight-Loss Program
  • Detroit, Michigan — Feathering / Extensions
  • Eugene, Oregon — Infrared Sauna
  • Fort Worth, Texas — Cryotherapy
  • Greenville, South Carolina — Salt Cave
  • Jacksonville, Florida — Reiki Session
  • Las Vegas, Nevada — Hangover IV Therapy
  • Long Island, New York — Updo
  • Orange County, California — Beauty School
  • Phoenix, Arizona — Blow-Dry
  • Sacramento, California — Permanent Makeup
  • San Francisco, California — Juice Cleanse
  • Santa Barbara, California — Hair Restoration
  • Shreveport, Louisiana — Tanning; Fat / Cellulite Reduction Procedure

If getting pampered isn’t your idea of a good time, Groupon’s CEO, Andrew Mason, is offering another technology-based concept to help you stay entertained: audio guided walking tours.