Palm webOS Straining to Get 1000 Apps in Market: Sign of Niche Platform?

The Palm Pre has been available since June 2009. After 7 months webOS has 1000 apps in the Palm App Catalog…

Palm App Catalog is About to Reach 1000 Apps

There are about 16,000 Android Apps after 14 months. And, there are 127,604 available apps for the iPhone (according to AppShopper after 18 months.

There are a couple of ways to interpret this lack of app development…

1. Palm took so long to create a viable ecosystem for developers that potential developers loss interest
2. Palm Pre (and Pixi) sales are so small that developers are not attracted to the platform
3. The Palm Pre is so perfect out-of-the-box that there is little need for additional apps

Whatever the case, Palm webOS is looking like a niche platform to me.