Palm Pre Released on June 6 ; New iPhone on July 17?

Palm sent out email to everyone who signed up for Palm Pre notification that…

The new Palm Pre phone will be here June 6, starting at $199.99 on the Sprint network (after rebate and service agreement). [$199.99 price is after $100 mail in rebate and qualifying 2 year service activation.]

And, a bunch of sources including SlashGear and 9to5Mac are reporting a July 17 release date for the next iPhone.

All I can say is: Aaargh! I’m already sure I want to buy a new Windows Mobile smartphone and trying to decide between an HTC Snap/Maple (two Standard Edition models) or the HTC Touch Pro2 (Professional Edition). Now, I have to decide if I want to add a Palm Pre to the mix or replace my iPhone 3G with the rumored new iPhone model. And, the rumored new iPhone specs look good. A couple of items that stand out to me are:

– Increased camera resolution (2 to 3.2 megapixels)
– Video recording (without jailbreaking)
– Improved battery life
– Increased processing speed
– FM transmitter (the car FM accessory business is going to take a hit)
– Compass (following the lead of the T-Mobile G1)