Palm OS (Golden Oldie Mobile Platform) Emulator for iPhone (Jailbroken), Windows Mobile & Symbian S60

Palm OS seems like a distant memory. But, it could be argued that it was at one point the most popular PDA platform. Its single-tasking operating system provided what looked like a very fast response time to its users. Microsoft designed their Windows CE based Palm-size PC (later renamed to Pocket PC) to counter Palm OS’s mobile threat. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are Palm OS fans who are still interested in running a few of their old time favorites. If you are one of those people, own a jailbroken iPhone, and have $50 to spare, Engadget describes a product for you:

StyleTap finally brings Palm OS to your iPhone

If you have a Windows Mobile or Symbian based phone (Nokia), you don’t need to feel left out. StyleTap has Palm OS emulators for those platforms too.