Palm AT&T Partnership Announcement Didn’t Excite the Market

Palm lost nearly 30% of its market capitalization last week Friday after it missed expected sales projections by a wide margin.

Why all the Fuss About Palm?

Palm and AT&T announced that the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus webOS based phones will be available through AT&T (these phones are already available through Sprint and Verizon).

Palm Press Release: Palm webOS Smartphones to be Available for AT&T Customers

Official Palm Blog: Palm webOS Coming to AT&T

Will having Palm’s phones available through AT&T make any difference to the bottom line? If it does, the stock market did not react as if it will. At the end of the regular trading day, Palm stock share price fell another 2 cents from its $4 close last week Friday. It gained 3 cents in after hours trading and is at $4.01 before the market opens this morning.