Palin Posse Loots Oscar Gift Suite for ‘Charity’

“Charity” is our new code word for Sarah Palin’s pocketbook. She was going to give her $100K speaking fee to a “grassroots” movement “back to the cause.” Her RNC quarter-million dollar wardrobe? There is no real evidence of her donating anything. It was money for her “charity.”

Anyway, those fancy Oscar swag lounges featured we’ve all seen on E! reality shows (because they don’t invite media bloggers to smash and grab) was raided by also-ran veep candidate Palin and by some reports 20 of her entourage.

LAT’s Matt Donnelly reports:

I’m told the oft-parodied politico donated all of her gift items back to the Silver Spoon for auction, as well as about $1,700 of her own cash, in support of multiple Red Cross efforts, including those in Haiti and Chile.

Taryn Ryder at E! online disagrees:

Oh, really?

Too fab she gave money, but we can assure you she did not give up any of her swag.

If E! was “fairness, balance” they wouldn’t have reported that.