Paley Switches Beats

An internal Washington Post announcement, obtained by FishbowlDC:

    Amit Paley to Report on Global Financial Crisis

    After more than a year in Iraq, Amit Paley has agreed to a temporary leave from the war to help us on a new front — covering the huge financial crisis. Amit will be jumping into the trenches with our Financial team starting Monday.

    We’re sure Amit will come to this new assignment with all the penetrating skills he showed us in Iraq. His tour there, which included a stint in 2006 and a year-long sojourn in 2007-08, was marked by journalism that dared to take on the tough subjects. He developed a revealing and nuanced profile of the anti-American cleric Moqtada al-Sadr which explained to readers how he had matured from a video-game geek in his father’s shadow to becoming one of the key figures in the new Iraq. Aside from the daily diet of violence and tumult, Amit took time to dig hard — he and Ernesto Londoño unmasked the investigations into the Iraqi Red Crescent recently, showing us how a humanitarian organization has been paralyzed by allegations of wrongdoing. And it was Amit’s methodical, careful probing that produced a front page story illuminating how Kurdish leaders are expanding their zone of influence in Iraq’s volatile north.

    With the war now in its sixth year, it is often easy for us to forget the incredible stamina, patience and sense of focus necessary to produce such a distinguished report day after day. We’re grateful that Amit volunteered for this duty and completed his tour with flying colors. We’re proud of everyone who’s taken on these assignments, and we’re sure that Amit will look the bankers in the eye with the same steely determination he brought to the war. Welcome home, for a while, Amit, and thanks for a job well done.