PajamasMedia Hosts Satan Sandwich Contest

PajamasMedia is hosting a Satan Sandwich contest for the more creative souls in our midst. The contest stems from the satanic words of Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.) who called the debt deal a “Satan Sandwich.” The winners are talented — one scrawled Satan in a big glop of mayonnaise, another stuck a tall red pitchfork through a sandwich — and we ran a couple samples earlier today.

The guidelines: “What is your vision of this new sugar-coated Satan sandwich we’re all stuck with? Create your own image, either with Photoshop, a set of felt pens, or even a camera snapping a picture of a real Satan sandwich of your creation, and then submit it to the Tatler. The image can either contain allegorical political references, or just be a straight Satan sandwich with no trimmings. All* entries will be displayed here.”

To enter the contest, visit here. We’re not going to lie — hunting down Satan images was downright disturbing. So we went with the pitchfork.