Painter’s Art Pranks Seem Too Banksy-esque


We’re all for fun art pranks. Love them, even. We saw the first Yes Men documentary and we’ll likely see the new one, too. But if you’re going to pull one, make sure you’re not just copying someone else, okay? Otherwise, it just comes off as contrived, because that’s a word that artists don’t usually like to be associated with. Guilty party is the New York-based painter Mat Benote, who secretly hung his artwork on the walls of a variety of museums like the Saatchi Gallery and the Brooklyn Museum, some of which stayed up for a couple of days before officials noticed them and they were removed. If that sounds at all familiar, it should. Banksy did the exact same thing back in 2005, which by our count was the first big step in turning him into an internationally-recognized household name. Case in point: shortly thereafter he’d landed on NPR and was the subject of a feature story in the New Yorker. Benote has also tried to remain mysterious, not telling the Daily News what part of New York he lives in, nor how old he is. This also sound like some super famous street artist you’ve heard about? In fact, it sounds so similar that maybe it is Banksy and he’s just offering up a critique about the uniqueness of art or something? For a little more reading, here’s an interview with Benote who has apparently been doing this for a while and often gets this Banksy critique.