Pages, Music, Badoo, Videos and More on This Week’s Top 20 Facebook Apps by MAU

Page tab applications were big on our list of top 20 Facebook applications by monthly active users this week, there were also a few music-related apps that are growing, as well as dating, horoscope, video and the app. Apps on our list grew from between 494,000 and 5.9 million MAU during the past week. The list is compiled using AppData, our data tracking service covering traffic growth for apps on Facebook, and covers those that gained the most users in the past seven days.

Top Gainers This Week

Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. Static HTML: iframe tabs35,953,310+5,910,529+20%
2. 60 Photos6,908,633+2,893,064+72%
3. Gardens of Time10,598,094+2,593,125+32%
4. Badoo28,443,275+2,411,262+9%
5. Daily Horoscope8,543,438+1,951,444+30%
6. Bubble Saga5,398,879+1,366,192+34%
7. FarmVille45,714,566+1,360,360+3%
8. Profile HTML1,587,197+1,297,238+447%
9. Videohane1,618,269+1,241,673+330%
10. Zombie Lane7,613,043+1,074,044+16%
11. HTML + iframe + FBML = iwipa6,788,150+1,061,073+19%
12. BandPage by RootMusic24,810,371+951,922+4%
13. CityVille89,746,485+885,091+1.00%
14. Welcome Tab for Pages4,035,279+851,881+27%
15. Diamond Dash8,384,209+771,458+10%
16. friend.ly5,928,197+678,327+13%
17. Draw My Thing1,787,132+581,655+48%
18. VEVO for Artists3,872,009+555,100+17%
19. Super Texas Holdem Poker792,647+529,949+202%
20. Auto Hustle1,333,188+493,952+59%

The Page tab apps on our list all basically allow users to create customized Page tabs of the iframe, FBML or HTML variety. Static HTML: iframe tabs grew by 5.9 million MAU, Profile HTML grew by about 1.3 million MAU, HTML + iframe + FBML = iwipa grew by 1 million MAU and Welcome Tab for Pages by 851,900 MAU.

BandPage by RootMusic grew by 951,900 MAU this week while VEVO for Artists, which places music videos on a tab on a Facebook Page, and grew by 555,100 MAU. These two apps have been growing consistently on Facebook over the past few months and weeks.

The 60 Photos app grew by 2.9 million MAU; the app allowing users to click “nice” or “pass” on the photos of their Facebook friends, then posts the answer to their Wall. Badoo grew by 2.4 million MAU and asks users questions about their friends’ dating and friendship habits, then posts the answer to their Wall.

Daily Horoscope is a Turkish app that grew by 1.9 million MAU, allowing users to see their daily horoscopes, offering them the chance to share the app with their friends who have the same sign and posting daily to a user’s Wall. Videohane is another Turkish app with 1.2 million new MAU this week that’s also a video app.

Last but not least the app grew by 678,300 MAU.

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData. Stay tuned for our look at the top weekly gainers by daily active users on Wednesday, and the top emerging apps on Friday.