Pages can now add location to their posts

Facebook recently added the option for page owners to tag their posts and photos with location.

There has not been an official announcement about the feature so it is unclear whether it has rolled out to all pages or if it is still being tested with a small group. For now, adding location to a post is useful for providing more context and telling a richer story, but there could be future changes that make location even more important to pages.

Similar to personal posts, if a page post doesn’t have a photo or link included with it, a map of the location will be included. This could help text posts get noticed in News Feed, but we don’t know whether including location has any effect on EdgeRank.

Pages do not yet have a map feature like personal Timelines do, so there isn’t an easy way to see all of a page’s location-tagged posts at once, but perhaps this is in the works. We wonder if Facebook will give pages even more functionality similar to personal Timelines, for example, adding Open Graph apps to share activity on behalf of the page. This would be useful for brands that are also active on networks like Instagram or Pinterest because they could display this activity within boxes on Timeline.

Location tagging could also be a part of a potential new ad product. We’ve heard that Facebook is working on a new real-time location-based advertising option. We don’t have details on how this will work, but it could possibly involve tagging page posts with location and promoting them as Sponsored Stories.

Page owners can tag their posts with location the same way they do on their personal profiles.

Page owners can also add location to photos they’ve previously uploaded.


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