PageLever Looking to Bring Automation to Facebook Brand Posts

Startup launches real-time analytics platform

Back in the spring Facebook brought real-analytics to its Page Insights tool, letting brands see almost immediately when an individual post was or wasn’t taking off. In the latter case, the marketer could swap out the underwhelming post with a new one that might have better luck—assuming the marketer was monitoring metrics when the post began its nosedive.

However, it's a safe bet that many brand managers would rather not constantly stare at a Facebook dashboard. To that end, theFacebook analytics firm PageLever is working on a tool that would automatically trigger new posts when it sees an existing post is on the wane.

According to PageLever cofounder Jeff Widman, the company is able to pull engagement metrics for roughly 10,000 Facebook pages. Its customers include YouTube, Intel, Sephora, Clorox and Porsche. On average, per Widman, most brand posts fade within three to five hours of being published to fans’ feeds.

The new post-trigger tool is part of a larger PageLever Now platform the company unveiled on Thursday; the platform is aimed at helping brands manages their Facebook pages and particularly measure post performance in real time.

In addition to showing to what extent a post is reaching fans, along wiht ranking posts in order of engagement activity and comment volume, PageLever's tools also plot a brand’s posts on a chart for at-a-glance looks at how each post’s reach has gone up or down in the last 48 hours. Additionally brands can tag their posts by categories or campaign names to view analytics limited to those subgroups.