PageLever adds post tagging and alerts to insights platform

Facebook analytics platform PageLever has added features that let page owners categorize and compare their posts, as well as receive alerts about any changes in key metrics.

With post tagging, PageLever users can indicate which of their posts are related to a particular campaign or employ a certain tactic, for example, asking a question or making a fill-in-the-blank post. Then page owners can quickly compare the performance of different types of posts. PageLever co-founder Jeff Widman tells us one media company that used this feature discovered that posts about Google were, on average, twice as popular as posts about Apple. These insights would be difficult to discover through manual aggregation and analysis.

Another new PageLever feature — page alerts — helps page owners see changes in reach, growth rate and People Talking About This, among other metrics. For example, page owners can see alerts about a higher-than-usual number of fans unliking their page. PageLever users can adjust the sensitivity of alerts to be notified more or less often. Users will see their alerts when they log into the platform, through email or via RSS.

Widman says these features were both part of the original vision for the PageLever platform, which launched in August 2011. He says his team is working on additional features that build upon the existing Facebook Insights API to present information in a way that is more actionable for page owners from small businesses to large agencies.

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