PageFlakes 2.0 – Answer to NetVibes

PageFlakes after a long period of silence released second version of today’s one of the most popular startpage.

The most visible change of course is the new look of PageFlakes. Flakes now have nice and solid design, which I think is the best news for users. The previous design, I have to agree with Meshable!, was It’s biggest downside and it should be changed a long time ago. Now there are possibility to choose from six different color themes and use the best you like.


Not so long time ago Netvibes, who I think is the biggest player in this field, released Ecosystem. Since that time I was waiting for the answer from PageFlakes and now it offers something similar, you can search, submit, rate the flakes at Pageflakes Community site. There are also improvements like sharing your page and make the pages public at Public Pages Gallery.

More about new PageFlakes version you can read at PageFlakes blog.

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