Page Six Takes Aim At Daily News ‘Terror’

Is this retaliation for the yesterday’s Daily News story about Page Sixer Chris Wilson‘s jump to Maxim?

Via today’s Page Six:

August 11, 2006 — PARANOIA at the Daily News hit a new high yesterday when Mort Zuckerman‘s troubled tabloid abruptly fired its well-liked spokeswoman, Donna Dees, after just nine months on the job. Sources say Dees’ axing is part of a purge of employees hired by or associated with former Daily News President Les Goodstein, who defected last December to become a senior VP of News Corp., which owns The Post. In May, Daily News Executive VP Ira Ellenthal was booted. “If you don’t come out and swear undying allegiance to [News CEO] Mark Kramer and [Editor-in-Chief] Martin Dunn, your days are numbered,” one Newser told us. “Kramer and Dunn are paranoid about anyone having anything to do with Les or The Post. This purge is going to continue.” Adding to frayed nerves is word that management is monitoring all e-mail to see who’s corresponding with News Corp. or The Post. Some News staffers also fear their phones are tapped. A new rep for the paper didn’t return our call. Dees, a former flack for CBS News and David Letterman, told us, “I’m exploring my options.”