Page posts and new recommendation modules appear in Facebook’s Music Feed

Posts from music-related pages and new modules that recommend albums and concerts based on what users have listened to now appear in Facebook’s Music Feed.

The social networked launched a music dashboard at f8 last year. This section of the site offers users a feed of their friends’ listening activity, along with songs and albums that are trending among friends. Sometime this month Facebook started showing page posts and other modules in the feed. For example, if a user Likes an artist or a music venue, posts from those pages may be included among stories about what friends have listened to. Users may also see stories about the music pages their friends Like.

The “Recently Released Albums” module, which has been appearing for some users in the main News Feed, has also been added Music Feed. This feature highlights a recently released album by an artist that a user has listened to on Spotify, Myspace or other streaming services. Music Feed includes another new module called “New Music From Artists You May Like.” This one highlights three albums from artists that users have already listened to or which are similar to an artist they’ve listened to. Both modules include links to Like the artists’ Facebook pages.

We’ve also seen an “Upcoming Concerts” module in Music Feed. This feature has appeared in the main News Feed for some users in the past.

These changes make the Music dashboard more compelling for users and help artists and music venues get more of their content seen. It also indicates Facebook’s further interest in offering users specialized feeds. Last month, Facebook began testing Pages Feed, a separate stream of updates from pages users Like and sponsored content from some pages they aren’t connected to. There’s also a standalone Games Feed. Facebook could eventually offer similar feeds for other categories like sports, movies or shopping. As people share more activity through Open Graph apps, they generate a lot of data that isn’t always relevant for the main News Feed, but might be interesting or useful in another context, such as a category-specific feed or dashboard. For instance, Facebook has begun applying check-ins and other location data to its Nearby feature that helps users find places to go from their mobile phone.