Facebook Allows Page Post Targeting through the Graph API

Facebook’s weekly developer blog roundup post came early this week, and includes mentions of post impressions data becoming available in Page Insights, and the fix of the long-standing “Make FB.ui work” bug. Most significantly, location and language targeting for Page posts is now also available through the Graph API. Lastly, the post explains that Facebook has added commenting functionality to its developer reference docs.

Facebook began the roundup posts as part of Operation Developer Love, which has since included implementation of a new opt-in migration system and a Graph API-based system for creating application tester accounts.

Now developers who control Pages through the Graph API can target posts to certain user demographics in the same way as posts can be targeted through the user interface. Developers use the targeting argument and include a “JSON object containing comma separated lists of valid countrycityregion and locale.” Exact usage details are available on the Post reference page.

“Make FB.ui work”, which hangs a loading dialogue box, was in fact roughly 10 bugs tied together. Natik Shaw of Facebook’s Platform team successfully fixed most of the bugs, or has created separate bug reports for them.

To help developers quickly ask questions of Facebook engineers and their peers, reference documents now have the commenting plugin installed at the bottom. This should give the opinions of developers more visibility than bug reports and web form submissions.