Page Ones Reflect President Obama’s Moment

The historic nature of Tuesday’s election of Barack Obama as the first African-American president was clearly reflected in front pages nationwide, as most papers used the words “Historic,” “Change,” and simply, “Obama.”

The New York Times, which used 96-point type only three times in its history, did so again and proclaimed the single last name of the next president in its header today: “OBAMA.”

“It told the story. Less is more,” said Spokeswoman Diane McNulty when asked why the single-word headline was used.

Previously, only the resignation of Richard Nixon, the first man on the moon, and the Sept. 11 attacks sparked such a large Page One font for the paper.

The historic papers sparked both single-copy press run increases and a flood of interest in the Newseum’s online Page One gallery at

Tom Turco, director of web operations for the site that posts more than 600 front page images each day, said increased traffic had begun days ago and today’s was on pace to set a new record.

“I would expect the numbers to be probably the highest they