Page Destination Tab Ad Campaign Strategies

Facebook Marketing Bible

The following is an excerpt from the Facebook Marketing Bible, the comprehensive guide to marketing your company, brand, or app using Facebook. The full version of this article, available through a Facebook Marketing Bible subscription, includes strategies for using destination tab ads that point to your Facebook Page’s standard wall, photos, videos, or events tabs. It also teaches marketers how to direct users to general purpose welcome tabs as well as tabs with a specific purpose such as an email sign-up form or ecommerce store.

Advertisers have the option to create ads with a specific landing tab of a Page as the ad’s destination. Here we’ll provide strategies for how to maximize returns from destination tab ads that point to welcome tabs that are appropriate for all visitors, Facebook’s native tabs, tabs that drive specific types of conversion such as contact info collection or sales, and demographic-specific custom welcome tabs.

Page Destination Tab Basics

Facebook ads created through the self-serve tool can have a specific tab of a Page set as their destination. This allows you to run multiple ad campaigns for different tabs simultaneously, or run ads that target a specific demographic and deliver those users to a landing tab that is especially relevant to them.

To run destination tab ads, go to the self-serve ad tool and select a Page you are an admin of as the ad’s destination. This will reveal a “Destination Tab” drop-down menu. You can then select as the ad’s destination any tab installed on that Page, including Facebook’s in-house apps like Photos or Discussion Board, or third-party apps for sweepstakes, email sign-ups, games, and media content.

Directing Users to Demographic-Specific Custom Tabs

An advanced strategy for using destination tab ads is to create a custom welcome tab that resonates with specific demographic you’re trying to reach, and then targeting that demographic with ads that point to the associated tab.

Determine what demographic has the highest lifetime value to your brand. For instance, young married housewives for a household cleaning product brand, young city-dwelling professionals for a brand of coffeeshops, or 14-18 year old males for a console video game.

Then, design a custom welcome tab that this demographic will find compelling and that asks them to Like your Page. For instance, the household cleaning brand could use bright feminine colors and use messaging like “We know you want the best for your family. Get updates on sales from our Page.”

The coffeeshop brand could use a slick font and messaging that resonates with tech savvy young people who are on the go, like “Fight long hours and short deadlines with a quick trip to our coffeeshop. Hear about new flavors from our Page” The video game brand could use flashy graphics and messaging like “When you get home from school, its time to save the universe. Get tips and game strategies from our Page.”

If a brand wanted to court international users, they could set up a custom tab that talks about their global presence and that links to localized Pages.

Then, target these specific demographic using the Facebook ad tool’s various targeting parameters, and set the appropriate landing tab as the ad’s destination tab. You’ll see a higher conversion rate than sending them to a general welcome tab.

Access strategies for the directing users to other types of Page tabs, and learn more marketing best practices at the Facebook Marketing Bible, Inside Network’s complete guide to marketing and advertising on Facebook.