Facebook Implements Page Wall Post Comment Spam Filter

Facebook now turns spam and unrelated comments on Page posts gray to denote them as low quality to admins, while leaving the blue background on other comments. This passive spam filter is applied to new comments on old posts, but hasn’t been retroactively applied to old comments. The filter will make it easy for admins to quickly sift through thousands of comments and delete spam.

In most cases, grayed out comments won’t appear to other users. However, if a user follows a link to a friend’s spammy comment from that friends wall, the comment will appear. If a Page admin doesn’t agree that a grayed out comment is spam, they can click the ‘x’ next to it and select “Unmark as Spam” to return it to the standard blue color. With time, this should teach the spam filter to be more accurate.

Comment spam is a serious issue. The site’s most popular Pages, including Facebook’s own, see the comment reels on their posts filled with links to unrelated Facebook pages, money making scheme sites, and malicious software downloads. Spammers hope to piggyback on the reach of these Pages, which must fight such attacks with around the clock human moderation and Page management tools that flag or delete suspicious comments.

Facebook introduced a Spam tab to Page walls in October that pulls out spam posts from users, but it didn’t address spam comments. Facebook also recently began testing a Top Posts filter for Page walls which brings user posts with many Likes and comments to the top of the stack.

All of these efforts are designed to promote quality conversation and make browsing Page walls a safer experience. If brands can be sure their Page walls won’t hurt their reputation, they’re more likely direct users to their Facebook presence, and pay Facebook for ads that drive traffic there.