Page Admin Drives Home Cadillac For Elevating Fan Count

In just a few years, Page management has grown from an extracurricular marketing activity to a full-time position with 24/7 accountability. So, as Page managers are being charged with increased responsibility, aren’t they deserving of being rewarded for ramping their fan count beyond… Click Here To Read The Full Post

Think about it, there are bonuses shelled out every single day across virtually every industry when growth goals are exceeded; from a salesperson tripling their quota, to a professional athlete leading their team to the playoffs, to Mary Kay handing you the keys to a new pink Cadillac for selling the most eye shadow.

Well, what about Page Admins? Whether you like it or not, these unsung heroes are being measured and evaluated on how many ‘Likes’ they’re able to accumulate. Sure, social media success is predicated on more diverse metrics than thumb clicks, but increased fan count is still the most white-boarded Facebook Page objective. Seriously, good luck explaining to your boss why your brand is 12,000 fans behind your closest competitor.

Facebook may have established the entry-level title of Page Admin to represent the person with login credentials, but it’s time we stop looking at this position as one that requires “little or no experience.” Managing and growing a custom Facebook Page takes more than intern instincts and a steady diet of Red Bull. It takes smart strategy, concepts, and a powerful suite of Facebook apps.

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Lastly, before you renegotiate your compensation package (or ask for a Facebook blue Escalade), prove to your boss you can grow your Page beyond friends, family, and co-worker ‘Likes’.