Facebook’s Redesigned Page Creation Flow Helps Admins Choose a Category

Facebook has redesigned its Page creation flow to be more intuitive and user friendly. The different Page types are represented with images that when clicked reveal fields for required information and a drop-down menu of specific Page categories.

The redesign should reduce the likelihood of new admins miscategorizing their Pages — a costly mistake that confuses potential fans and can’t be undone without deleting the Page. Below we include a guide for admins with tips on selecting a category.

The old design lumped all Pages into either local business; brand product or organization; artist, band or public figure; or community. The new “Create a Page” breaks Pages up into the following types:

  • Local business or place of interest: Things with a physical address
  • Company, organization, or institution: Education providers, corporations, and general categories
  • Brand or product: Websites and anything you can buy
  • Artist, band, or public figure:: Professions
  • Entertainment: Sports, media or content and the entities that organize them
  • Cause or Topic: Community Pages for things no one actually owns

There is some overlap between categories. Local business includes categories from across several of the other types, but admins have to include a street address and phone number to choose this type.

The visual representations and more distinct categories should ease admins through what can be a stressful process.

Why Page Categories Are Important

A Page’s category determines what fields on the Info tab users see, as well as what section of a user’s Profile it will appear in when Liked. Certain categories, such as people, sports teams, athletes, and musicians have significantly more prominent placement than categories like games and activities. Some categories, including local business, website, organization, company appear at the very bottom of the profile in the Other Pages section that require an extra click to be revealed.

To increase the chances of their Page being discovered, admins should choose the most prominent category that accurately describes them. For instance, a baseball team and its associated business departments should designate itself as a sports team rather than an organization because sports teams are more prominent in the profile.

Page categories also appear in hover cards and news feed posts to inform unfamiliar users of what a Page is. The more specific yet accurate a Page’s categorization, the easier for users to recognize it as something they want to Like.