Pact: The App that Pays You to Get to the Gym

GymPact, the fitness app that gives out cash to exercisers, has rebranded and expanded for the New Year. The app works by providing cash incentives for users to meet their fitness goals. Skip the gym or your run? Well then you have to pay up. Those who did make it off the couch will reap the benefits.

The app, rebranded as simply “Pact,” also added two new types of pacts. Users can now make a commitment to eat more fruits and veggies. Submit photos of your healthy nosh to prove you aren’t cheating. A third pact gets dieters to commit to logging their daily meals via partner app, MyFitnessPal (one of many calorie-counting apps out there).

The company said users met 92 percent of their weekly goals in 2013, motivated by the app’s unique incentive. More than 1.5 billion steps were tracked as part of 2013 fitness goals and nearly 4 million workouts completed.

Pact is available on both Android and iOS.

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