Pacific Rim Countries Lead Facebook Growth in Asia for February, 2010

Large populations and growing internet connectivity are pushing Asia’s Pacific Rim countries to the forefront on Facebook. Our latest stats, for the month of February, show Indonesia and the Philippines picking up a combined three million users, more than the combined growth of the entire mainland.

The Philippines, in particular, are jetting ahead. The country just passed 10 million Facebook users overall; according to our forward projections, that number will be multiplied several times over by year’s end. That growth could be bad news for Friendster, the aging social network that found one of its last bastions in the Philippines. Also, note that the data in the report is based on Facebook’s advertising tool, which typically reports traffic a few weeks behind.

Another sub-region of Asia that’s picking up the pace is the Indian subcontinent. India itself is accelerating slightly; but the country to keep an eye on over the next couple months is Pakistan, which doubled its January gains in February. Pakistan now has about double the market penetration of India, at 1.1 percent — although that’s still very low.

Overall, Asia’s Facebook population grew about 8 percent in February, down only slightly from January. It is our third-largest region with 79 million users, or only two percent of the 3.75 billion people in the region. For detailed stats on each country, check out our full Global Market Monitor report.