Pacemaker: Is That a DJ in Your Pocket or Do You Just Have a Heart Condition?


Apple loves the lowercase, but Tonium Laboratories is going to have to be awfully fastidious about capitalizing the first letter of its new product, lest we confuse it with the medical device that keeps Dick Cheney alive and hunting. The Swedish tech company is showing its faith in the distinguishing power of proper nouns with its launch this week of Pacemaker, which it calls “the world’s first professional pocket-sized DJ system.”

But wait, we asked ourselves, isn’t our ipod a pocket-sized DJ system? Didn’t we choose, DJ-like, to listen to The Posies‘ “Love Comes” eight times in a row today on the way to the office? The difference, apparently, lies in some of the Pacemaker’s special features. It allows users to mix tracks, play two tracks simultaneously, and work out the beats per minute of each track so as to match the beats. There’s also 120 GB of storage, special software for creating/editing mixes, and a community platform to legally share mixes. It’s Mac and PC-compatible, but priced at approximately $700 (a lot more than an ipod but much less than a cardiac pacemaker), we’re not sure how likely it is to get consumers’ hearts racing.