Pac-Man Friends, Pac-Man CEDX Announced for Mobile

Pac-Man Friends 650

Bandai Namco Games has announced the development of two new mobile titles in the iconic Pac-Man franchise: Pac-Man Friends and Pac-Man Championship Edition DX (CEDX). Both games will hit mobile before the end of the year, and fans of the series will recognize Pac-Man CEDX from its previous release on other platforms.

In Pac-Man Friends, players complete levels and mazes to rescue Pac-Man’s friends from the Ghosts’ castle. The game offers six worlds and 95 progressively challenging levels, as well as nine friends, each with their own powers. The game is set to offer social network features for challenging friends.

Meanwhile, Pac-Man CEDX offers more traditional gameplay, with three game modes: Score Attack, Time Attack and Ghost Combo. The game features seven areas with 150 levels, along with “fun new power-ups and boosts [that] will give you the leg up and the highest score in new, unending challenge modes.”


Pac-Man Friends is scheduled for release on mobile this September, with Pac-Man CEDX following in late November. Both games will be playable in the Bandai Namco booth at San Diego Comic Con later this month. Check back soon for more.