PAC Ad: Black Americans Should Vote Republican Because…Abraham Lincoln

Yes, yes, we know we shouldn’t delve too deeply into the shady world of politics, especially in the week before the election, and especially when reporting on news related to last-minute advocacy ads. But what are these new Super PACs (political action committees) if not temporary PR firms promoting a very small range of clients? Creating a group specifically to improve public perceptions of a particular candidate or party via assorted messaging efforts is very much PR.

We felt the need to highlight this new ad, which was created by the Empower Citizens Network PAC to air in the crucial swing state of Ohio, because it is truly baffling.We can’t get into the details because there really aren’t any, so we’ll just lay it out its message: Black Americans should vote straight-ticket Republican on Tuesday because Abraham Lincoln was a Republican in 1865, and a larger number of Democrats opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (which was sponsored by John F. Kennedy and signed by Lyndon Johnson, by the way).

Honestly, now–will this ad convince anyone of anything other than the fact that the person or persons who paid for it just wasted a lot of money?