D.C. Bar Bans Cameras Forever

Looking for a little privacy?
As of 6 p.m. today, P.J. Clarke’s Sidecar, in addition to going private, will ban cameras.  Forever.  Including at a soireé tonight. So forget about being seen in pictures or online.
Yes, it’s true. “In the the age of gripping and grinning every time there’s a flashbulb, Sidecar has said, well, no,” said Emily Hines, Sidecar’s Director of Private Affairs. After consulting their members, organizers thought it was a great idea to have someplace they could go and be social without the flashbulbs. And Phil Scotti, the owner of P.J. Clarke’s, is apparently just so not about the cameras.
A perk for journalists working under crushing late-night deadlines… members of Sidecar can, just by calling, keep Sidecar open just for them after 10 p.m.  They’ll keep a cook, a bartender and a waiter on the clock just for you. Also favorable for journos: membership is free — one only needs a referral from a current member.