P. Diddy Needs A Personal Assistant

Well, it looks like P. Diddy’s company placed an ad for a personal assistant for Sean Combs in the mediabistro.com classifieds. Here’s the text of the ad, which had the subject line of “Personal Assistant to Celebrity” and described the Publication/Company as a “Hip-Hop media mogul”:

Prominent celebrity hip-hop mogul is seeking a top-notch, professional and outgoing Personal Assistant to coordinate business, social and personal affairs. This role involves handling business and personal tasks. It is imperative that the Assistant has the sophistication to communicate effectively with people at all levels of management and handle highly confidential matters. Due to busy schedule, the Assistant needs to be accessible on weekends and evenings to handle ongoing activities. Other details will be explained upon employment.

Applicants must be 21 or older.
Must have a “whatever it takes” attitude.
You’ll need a big personality to stand out amongst the other candidates.
Be available and on-call 24/7.

The contact address? NewYork@WorkForPDiddy.com. So we’d venture an educated guess that it’s tied to him somehow unless Damon Dash is playing a massive prank. Yup, it’s the sweet world of recruiting celeb assistants via mediabistro.com.