Ozobot’s Intelligent Robot App Comes to Android

Users interested in the upcoming Ozobot intelligent robot can now download the platform’s free app, containing OzoDraw and OzoLuck, on Google Play. Coming soon to iOS devices, the app works alongside the Ozobot, a small robot designed for both physical and digital games. The robot reacts to lines, colors and patterns on both physical products and digital screens.

In OzoDraw, users can choose from multiple gameplay modes, and draw lines and patterns on the screen for the Ozobot to follow. In FreeDraw mode, users start with a blank canvas, while Playground mode offers mazes as backgrounds for a starting point.

Meanwhile, Challenge mode introduces a “simple logic exercise,” asking players to navigate Ozobot from the Start point to the Finish line using a few color codes. The mode will serve as both a game, and as a further introduction to Ozobot’s functionality.

Ozobot - Android Apps on Google Play

Meawhile, OzoLuck is described as a “modern day game of chance,” which sees “Ozobot cruising through a labyrinth with customizable exits to decide the user’s fate.”

Future updates will introduce additional games for the robot. OzoPath, for instance, will offer a 1-2 player tile-based strategy game, while OzoGroove will let users choreograph “dance” moves for the robot to their favorite songs. OzoPath is due to release in September, still well ahead of the robot’s full launch later this year.

From now through October 3, interested users can pre-order an Ozobot in black or white for $39.99. The Ozobot is already available for purchase at the MoMA store in New York City, buy buying it from the MoMA online store costs $50. Pre-orders will ship in October.