Oy Vey, “Today”

We had to scratch our heads yesterday morning when we saw this: The “Today” show’s use of the caption “Swindler’s List” when describing Bernard Madoff’s multibillion dollar pyramid fraud.

At the very least, it’s an insensitive move to make a play on words with a Holocaust-era film (“Schindler’s List”) when, as it’s been reported, Madoff’s criminality has hit hard within many Jewish communities (“Prominent Jewish foundations shut down due to Madoff Wall Street affair“).

But it’s also a curious editorial decision to play up the Jewish angle of Madoff’s story. Yes, he was a trustee of the Yeshiva University, “a member in good standing of the Palm Beach Country Club, the exclusive Jewish club on the North End of the island” and ‘A lot of Jewish charities had investments with him,’ one prominent investor — who said he had no connection to Madoff — told The Jewish Journal. ‘So did a lot of Jews.‘ and ‘There was a joke around that Bernie was actually the Jewish T-bill.’

BUT: Although Madoff was a big player within many Jewish circles and hurt some within the Jewish community, the heart of this story is not about Jews. So why go there?…and with a Holocaust reference?!?