Oxygen’s New Documentary Series

After all that empty talk about “the Real World is coming to Adams Morgan,” will Washington finally get a reality show?

The Reliable Source fielded a question about it in this week’s washingtonpost.com chat:

    Baltimore, Md.: Did you hear about the new reality show they have filmed on the Hill called Capital Hill Girls, or something? About Hill interns

    Amy Argetsinger: Yes, a “docu-soap” that has been filmed as a pilot for Oxygen. So hope it airs… let us know if you’ve heard anything…

Well, sort of. It’s not interns, it’s regular graduates with degrees and salaries and all that. And it’s more of a series than soap drama. And they haven’t filmed the pilot yet.

Here’s the story:

The Oxygen network is very far along in its development of a reality show/documentary series that will profile “ambitious young female professionals, get a glimpse into their professional and personal lives, and develop an idea of what life is like in Washington, D.C. when one works in the political sphere on or around Capitol Hill” (to quote an email from one of the producers).

One of the four women the producers are keen on profiling is a 22 year old political journalist.

“[W]e hope to visit the women in the workplace in order to see firsthand what their daily workload is like and to get an overall picture of how working in D.C. is unique to working anywhere else,” says a producer/publicist. “We’d love to show them interacting with anyone they usually interact with (Congressional Representatives, Senators, other Hill staffers, high-profile clients, employers, etc.). We will also be able to see what it is like being a Democrat and a Republican in D.C. right now and will distinguish between partisan and nonpartisan political work. What are these women’s most passionate causes? What is frustrating? What is gratifying? What are their goals?”

“To get the full picture, we’ll want to see our women outside work as well. What do they do for fun in D.C. and who do they spend most of their time with?”

They’re coming down in a few days to discuss the project with the four participants and will begin shooting some footage mid-June.

Ahh…too bad their cameras weren’t here for Prom Weekend…