Oxford English Dictionary Adds Expanded Definitions Of “Follow,” “Follower” And “Tweet”

A true sign of the times: the Oxford English Dictionary has expanded its entries for follow (verb), follower (noun), and tweet (noun and verb) to include the social media senses of the words.

Fittingly, the OED shared the news with its followers via Twitter:

The OED added the word “tweetable” to its listing in February 2013, and “retweet” in August 2011.

Other tech terms in this round of 1,200 newly revised and updated words, bringing the OED’s total number of entries to more than 823,000, include: live-blog, geekery, flash mob, e-reader, crowdsourcing, and mouseover.

For intel on what else is new in the Oxford English Dictionary, check out their blog post on the June 2013 update.