OwnYourC and Host Ze Frank Win Big At Web Awards


The internet’s been good to Ze Frank, so it felt quite fitting to see him as the host of the 10th Annual SXSW Web Awards last night in Austin. For those not familiar with Frank’s videoblog “The Show,” he was a triumphantly witty host, full of ubergeeky, web-centric humor. But for those feverishly snapping photo after photo as Frank took the stage (sports racers; you know who you are), this was like the hour-long special “The Show: Live From Austin.” Frank did not disappoint.

His video intro (in the style of “The Show”) encapsulated the typical experience of a SXSW Interactive attendee arriving in Austin: “Oh, cool, SXSW, so are you in a band?” “No…” “Oh, so you’re doing the film thing?” “No…” “So, what are you volunteering?” “No, I’m doing the Interactive festival.” “What the hell’s that?” “Oh, you know, we’re the ones who have been fucking up the other two’s business models.”

The actual winners ranged from frighteningly-addictive Twitter (easily the most buzzed-about new thing at the festival) to The Fallen Alternate Reality Game, which seems like something between “Lost” and The Game, to non-profit winner OwnYourC, the tobacco prevention site that also took Best of Show. You can view the complete list of winners.

After the awards, we followed Frank and his hordes of adoring fans out to the patio, where we were finally able to snag an interview with our internet crush. Sadly, he could not reveal anything about his post-show plans (his year-long experiment ends on 3/17), but he did sing us a song. Sigh. You know where we’ll be this Saturday.