Owned Accounts Will Be Measured as Part of Nielsen Social Content Ratings

Networks, shows, talent presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Instagram was added to the mix in January Nielsen Social
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Nielsen is beefing up its Nielsen Social Content Ratings by adding insights to help measure the impact of content on owned accounts, or accounts for networks, individual shows and talent on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The measurement company examined more than 142,000 pieces of content from owned accounts over a three-week period prior to the start of the fall television season, and it found that the content generated over 154 million engagements—likes, comments, reposts, etc.—across the three social networks.

Nielsen added that text-only posts are the most common media type shared by owned accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but they only account for 8 percent of owned engagement, whereas 83 percent of owned engagement came from content with video and images (56 percent of the total).

The company also pointed out the important of tailoring content to each social platform, saying that video posts are over 10 percent more engaging than images on Facebook and more than 20 percent on Twitter, but on Instagram, image posts top video posts in engagements by over 30 percent.

In January 2016, Nielsen added data from Facebook to its already existing Nielsen TV Twitter Ratings, renaming the product Nielsen Social Content Ratings, and data from Instagram was added to the mix this past January.

Nielsen said in a release announcing the new owned content measurement, “With social media increasingly becoming an important asset in the marketing of TV programs and their talent, the insights that can be generated from this capability are not only crucial for networks developing social media strategies for their shows, but also for a show’s talent in quantifying and ultimately leveraging their impact via social media. Content stakeholders can identify the most engaging pieces of content sent by owned accounts that contribute to the overall social ratings.”

Nielsen Social president Sean Casey added, “Social media has become an invaluable touchpoint for TV marketers and talent to engage with their program audiences in-season and off. In order to optimize their performance strategies across social platforms, marketers need a trusted measurement of content and visibility into what talent is doing on their behalf. That’s why owned content performance is so useful: It not only identifies the content that is garnering the most engagement on each platform, but is also the only measurement solution that includes the program-related content being driven by talent. This gives marketers maximum visibility into the total social performance of their programs.”

david.cohen@adweek.com David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.