Overplaying “Pay For Play”?

We alerted you yesterday about the Obama campaign’s plan to charge news organizations up to $2,000 to cover Obama’s election night celebration (he hopes) in Chicago.

That prompted one tipster to write in:

    the Obama election night fees is a complete non-story every news org pays for WH filing centers on domestic and foreign trips – does anyone think the WH picks up the bill for reporters internet, phone lines, work spaces, buses, etc? dont think so…. the campaigns are no different. if you want tables, chairs, camera risers, power, internet, etc on Election Night at an outdoor (or indoor) spot – you are going to have to pay. Anyone who has covered a campaign or the White House would say this is a non-issue and has nothing to do with how much or little money a campaign has. what would people say if news orgs were not being charged by the Obama campaign? that the campaign was picking up the tab?

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