Overheard In NY Founder Starts New Site

0122malice.jpgWe just got wind of Overheard in New York founder Michael Malice‘s newest web project: Worst Email Ever.

It’s… exactly what it sounds like.

Not to mention they’ve got crappy media-related e-mails too. Check out this sad foul-mouthed rant that was sent to Houston Chronicle reporter Emily Dixon (uncensored version at WEE):

Subject: thanks for the honesty

From: Duck Chuck
Sent: Fri 1/11/2008 2:37 PM
To: Dixon, Emily

You are an incredibly worthless c***. Rehashing old news stories and calling them breaking news, does not make it new, nor does regurgitating spoon fed talking points or shilling for neocon financed and controlled main stream media make you the righteous journalist you aspire to be. I pray that a horde of goblins will crawl out of the earth, bend you over your laptop, and ass rape the living dog s*** out of you, for being a dumb bitch and loving the war chieftains who are no doubt financing you. Please be sure to burn in hell you Nazi loving whore.


American Foulmouth

Something tells us that won’t be the last piece of media-related hate mail that will end up being republished there.