Overheard In Miami


And now, before we collapse in a full-on post-festival coma, it’s time for our favorite feature of every design gathering, the Overheards. For all our Art Basel/Design Miami coverage, look here.

Man wearing a shiny, light-colored suit whispers on his cell phone in a dark corner of the garden at the Delano.
Man: Listen, I’m just trying to make this deal as lucrative as possible for BOTH of us.

A hip-looking couple stroll towards the convention center exit.
Woman: Do you want to go to the design show now?
Man [visibly agitated]: NO. For the LAST TIME I do NOT want to go to that DESIGN STUFF.

Guy at Photo Miami walking around with a computer and a phone, and apparently, with a live feed to his class.
Guy: Want to say hello to my students? We have to do it two ways–by phone and by picture. This is my new media class.

Art shopper: How much for the shoes?
Dealer: $275,000

Ultrathin “booth babe” on the convention center floor gazes at a painting; potential male client gazes at her.
Booth Babe: It really is a beautiful piece.
Male Client: You look amazing. Have you lost weight?

Festivalgoer: Are you here for the art or the Basel?

A Design Miami maintenance worker tells two festivalgoers that he saw Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Steven Spielberg milling around during the Thursday night opening.
Worker: You been inside? I wouldn’t pay two bucks to see this shit.
Festivalgoer: Did you like anything in there?
Worker: Yeah. The Audi.

A dealer describes a sculpture to a potential buyer.
Dealer: The inside is softer than the outside.

Woman: You want to eat at the fried rice place?
Man: Yeah, but I don’t want to eat fried rice.

Two metrosexuals stare at a photograph of a nude woman.
Man #1: I just don’t get any of this stuff when it’s about sex or madness.

Dealer: What happened last year happened this year.

A man returns a piece shortly after buying it.
Man: It just doesn’t go with the rest of what we have.

One extremely well-dressed older couple converses with another extremely well-dressed older couple.
Older Woman #1: So, are you taking any of this art home with you?
Older Woman #2 [puzzled]: Well, yes. But we’re having it shipped, of course.

And not really an Overheard per se, but perhaps more mention-worthy in our celeb-spotting round up: Pharrell Williams was spotted by several informants who saw him rolling into the Visionaire party with Arik Levy as part of his posse. Hip hop hearts design.