Overheard at PromaxBDA: Do You Tweet?

As we tweeted this morning (@PRNewser, in case you’re not following us), PRNewser dropped by the PromaxBDA conference, which is taking place here in NYC through this evening.

As we waited for a panel discussion to start (more on that later), we overheard a conversation happening in the row behind us.

Guy #1: Do you tweet?

Guy #2: No. Do you?

Guy #1 went on to admit that it was a friend that really got him into Twitter, and many of his 100 or so followers found him because of that friend. So really, he wasn’t too into it.

In the conference FAQ section of the PromaxBDA website, it says this conference is for “entertainment marketing professionals including those in promotion, public relations, communications, design, […].” I have no clue who Guy 1 or 2 were or what area of entertainment marketing they were in. But it immediately struck the farthest reaches of my inner ear where the words “no I don’t tweet” are a string of words never heard.

Entertainment pros out there, is it common for marketers in your area of expertise to not be on Twitter? Or other social media sites? We’d love to know. The comments section is open.