Overheard At Ad:Tech

As many of you know, it’s conference and tradeshow season. And, don’t expect it to slow down until June.

One of the big shows this week was Ad:Tech, described by AdWeek digital editor Brian Morrissey as: “Tons of random, sketchy lead gen ad networks who hire booth babes and blow their marketing budgets on parties filled w drunken sales guys for vendors. One VC I met w here called it “the vast underbelly of capitalism.”

Sounds like fun! Ok, so we’ve never been, but according to some Twitter accounts of the show, it may be living up to its reputation.

Via well known PR man Peter Shankman’s Twitter; “Overheard at dinner: dude, Google ‘topless women playing the Wii.’ It’s amazing!”

Social media strategist Paull Young had his own thoughts: “Packing up. Ad:Tech kind of sucked.”

One conference we know that won’t suck: Mediabisto Circus! PRNewser will be there, will you?