OverDrive Unveils 2010 eBook Distribution Features

OverDrive, the massive distributor of digital content to libraries and retailer, today unveiled its new features for 2010. From the look of things, they’re updating everything they’ve got–it’s almost too much to summarize, but we’ll list some of the coolest features and if you want more to can click over to the full press release.

The most interesting thing OverDrive’s got coming is called OverDrive First Gear, which the company describes as “Enhanced DRM-free eBook and audiobook excerpts for streaming or offline reading with direct “buy-it-now” options and coupons dynamically customized into each title.” Hosted eBook services like this are going to become more and more important.

OverDrive is also launching some cool mobile apps that will enable their distributed publishers to interact with OverDrive for selling purposes on the go. There will also be new catalog apps. There’s lots more info where this came from.

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