OverDrive Launches New Teacher Focused Training Program

OverDrive released a new training program this week in its Learning Center, and teachers might want to take note.

Education Evolution is a video with tips on how teachers and school staff can better integrate OverDrive’s digital content with their existing lesson plans. It will help explain how to use interactive white boards and reading circles as creative ways to get your students excited about eBooks. The video also covers basic outreach ideas like  a demonstration table or an end-of-the-day assembly to show off the eBook library.

Like all OverDrive videos, this one is freely available for all to watch. The videos are open to the general public, library staff, or anyone who might be interested in licensing OverDrive content. I would bet that this one will also be useful to anyone who wants to use digital content as part of a lesson plan, not just Overdrive’s.

via OverDrive