Over the Weekend: Joe Frank at The Village Recording Studio

While KPCC was stuck in full pledge drive languor over the weekend, KCRW continued its event-oriented fundraising to great effect. This past Saturday, Peabody Award-winning storyteller Joe Frank performed two shows on the station’s behalf at the stunning Village Recording Studio in West Los Angeles. Housed in a 1922 Masonic Temple, the studio where Frank performed was the same where the Rolling Stones recorded “Angie” years ago. Quite the space.

This Fishie caught the earlier of the two shows, where he was lucky enough to sit next to KCRW Bookworm host Michael Silverblatt. He also somehow managed to snag a better seat than “Big Love” actress Grace Zabriskie, who was staring at the back of his giant noggin for most of the show. No more than 100 people were in the small room for the intimate session.

Wearing jeans and an unassuming brown shirt, Frank took to the stage accompanied by a John Scofield-like blues guitarist and an ambient, electronic music track–set to various loops. At 72, Frank’s performance was at times comedic, but was more often an intense rumination on age, decay and regret–a reflection on our mortality. Frank himself looked frail at times, especially walking to the stage, but his voice was as powerful as ever. Have to say, there’s nothing quite like hearing him say “and we made love”–a popular refrain in his stories–in person. Like a vanilla Isaac Hayes. A great event. Much, much better than a tote bag.

Photo’s by Jeremiah Garcia