Over Indulge And Don’t Worry With MommaLu’s Puke Pack

20140430_010112Here in the Fishbowl, we sometimes receive marketing mailings that we usually toss or gift to a friend. The ones worth keeping, we keep we refer to as Journo Perks. Something we recently received is perfect for a night like this Friday, when there’s eight White House Correspondents’ events to cover.

Exhibit A: MommaLu’s Puke Pack

Available via same day delivery in DC, this pack includes everything you wish you had the morning after a crazy night.

20140430_010724For when you’re feeling sick but know you need to eat something, there’s Ginger Ale and Saltines. And for when your stomach turns, there’s Tums and Pepto-Bismol. If you’re at work (and ordered one delivered to your office), take advantage of the Mouthwash and Clear Eyes. And for any meetings you couldn’t cancel, don’t forget the Tissues, Lip Balm, Hand Sanitizing Wipes, and Clorox Disinfecting Wipes. And then when you’re starting to feel a little better, there’s two Emergen-Cs (super orange and raspberry), Twizzlers, and an Atomic Fireball.

The concept is quite funny, but it is practical. MommaLu also offers a Sick Pack for the common cold. Delivery through May 4th is free (perfect for WHC festivities!).

Be well friends!