Ouya to stream games with OnLive

Kickstarter-funded Android OS console Ouya has announced its users will be able to stream games thanks to a newly announced partnership with OnLive.

The announcement was made on on Ouya’s Kickstarter page, where OnLive’s General Manager Bruce Grove said that the service will be available on Ouya when the console launches in 2013. OnLive is a cloud-based service to allow players to stream games from over 80 publishers including indie and top-tier console titles. The service is already available on many devices including PCs, Macs, TVs and a dedicated OnLive Game System.

The announcement also revealed the console’s controller, though both the Ouya controller and console are still in the design stage.

Ouya’s Kickstarter made a big splash when it launched on July 10, promising backers a $99 console that would “crack open” the TV with an Android OS. The response to the project has been overwhelmingly positive, with $5.7 million raised at this time, far surpassing the initial goal of $950,000.

While the project has been popular, some critics have suggested that the high level of enthusiasm around the Ouya console doesn’t match the project’s promises and its current state of development.