Outspark Virtual World Chooses Peanut Labs Media for Monetization

More on the virtual games end; Peanut Labs Media has teamed up with Outspark, the virtual playground, in order to expand the gaming options for multiplayer online games while increasing the monetization potential for both parties involved.

with a reported 5 million gamers, and a handful of commercial games, Outspark is looking to expand its overall potential as a revenue-generating virtual environment. The partnership details that Outspark will be utilizing the Peanut Labs Media monetization engine. It works by presenting surveys to users, who then earn virtual currency which can be used within the Outspark virtual environments.

This format is employed by a number of virtual worlds, including those that are integrated into social networks like Facebook as applications. In this manner, marketing is more participatory for users and presents the with a relatively tangible reward for their efforts.

Similar to SuperRewards, Peanut Labs Media began its monetization engine based on its own service built to support its own virtual currency. Converting that engine into a transferable service that other publishers can use for their games and virtual environments is just one step towards a long-term goal within the virtual goods industry. See here for our interview with Peanut Labs Media President Murti Hussain.

What will be most interesting to observe with virtual goods is the way in which they’ll be able to support websites and enhance a web-based social experience for end users. To this end, virtual goods have become a quickly growing trend, especially as immediate monetization is key for several startups in our current economic environment.

In gaining new partners, Peanut Labs Media also expands its own ability to provide useful information to the virtual goods industry overall, providing insight to user and consumer behavior, which can be applied to a number of different services and recommendation engines across the web.