Outshouts Lets You Send a Shout Out

Send audio messages to friends by e-mailing them or by embedding a message into a blog or Web site thanks to Outshouts.

outshoutsCustomize your message by mashing your voice with audio tracks that live on your computer. This protects the company from people who use unlicensed audio.

You will need to upload the track in order to mash it with your own voice recording.

Outshouts lets you browse public voice greetings from other people and embed them wherever you like. Upon creating a message, users have the ability to make their recordings public or private.

There is a lite network which allows you to share and exchange audio messages with other registered Outshouters.

Outshouts can be received on your mobile phone as well. However, local tolls apply as the company has not sprung for a toll-free number. (415-294-2225) The site, however, is 100% free and you can send an unlimited number of messages to as many people as you like. The receiver does not to be registered to get the message.

We’re not sure what the practical application for Outshouts is except for making your friends giggle. But sometimes that’s practical enough.

If you’re a sneaky pirater your mind is probably already racing on how you can use the service to steal music. They’ve covered their bases…

OUTSHOUTS is not an ‘on demand’ listening station or a music sharing site. To stay within the boundaries of copyright, OUTSHOUT recipients are allowed 3 full plays. After that, the copyright portion will convert to a 60 second sample, with your message still in place. This is also why you don’t see the artist/song title until you hit the ‘play’ button. If you really love the song and want to hear more, why not consider buying the track from Amazon?

And Outshouts gives you a helping hand with that. A “BUY IT” button appears in the Outshout player that gives you the option to buy the track or album from iTunes or Amazon.