Outreach Efforts Continue in the Wake of Japan Quake and Tsunami

While sitting on a panel at the SXSW conference with three other executives from Japanese mobile and social networks, Takahito Iguchi nearly broke down when he got to a slide on his deck that said “SAVE JAPAN.” According to the New York Times story about the panel discussion, “the executives described in interviews how mobile and social sites became vital when the earthquake struck because landlines went down, as did voice and e-mail services on cellphones.”

Tak Miyata, SVP of global business at Mixi says, in the story, that his site’s traffic went up 800 percent.

SXSW attendees have demonstrated their awareness of the aftermath of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami, with donations to SXSW4Japan nearly reaching its $50,000 goal.

Social networks, media outlets, and other businesses and organizations have been getting the word out about news and philanthropic efforts following the quake and tsunami. After the jump, a few examples.

WLIW World has announced that it will air a one-hour of special tomorrow at 9 p.m. EST from Japanese public broadcaster NHK, which will include the latest on the situation with Japan’s nuclear reactors.

MoveOn.org has sent an email to its subscribers with links to donate to the American Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders.

CNBC will air a special tonight about the aftermath in Japan at 8 p.m. Many news broadcasters have had to move to safer ground to cover the situation on the ground because of nuclear fears. CNN’s Anderson Cooper posted a number of chilling tweets about the dangers of reporting in the area surrounding one of Japan’s nuclear plants. The Today show’s Ann Curry actually helped to locate a missing woman, LostRemote.com reports.

And a number of companies have donated money to relief efforts including Starbucks, Apple, AT&T (which is donating free calls and texts to Japan through the end of the month), and advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy. The agency created the poster above, which is for sale with the proceeds benefiting the Red Cross. Info on the firm’s blog.

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